"It's All About Teddy-The Lost Dog," by author, Patricia Albano.

Patricia Albano has written an amazing story that takes place along the coast of Rhode Island.  Her love and compassion for animals can be felt in her story.    Patricia has owned and loved animals for over thirty years and has enjoyed photographing them throughout that time. She has exhibited her photographic work at the Valley Portfolio, located in Springfield, MA. 
Patricia owns six Golden Retrievers and lives in Massachusetts. She enjoys writing stories about her Goldens.

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                                                                            Copyright 2008   

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     "What a story! Love the pictures. Thanks for putting the feelings into words." J&M

"The author writes with such feeling and passion, that this reader was submersed in the account of the author's harrowing ordeal.  Reading about the experience brought me on an extraordinary journey with her, wishing with all my heart that she would be reunited with her beloved dog.  Her inspiring images brought it all together; the author's bond with her dog, her love for her family of Goldens, and the determination and selflessness that drove her to follow the instincts of her heart. This book is a must-read for anyone who owns a dog."   V. Fleming

 The pictures were beautiful! I absolutely loved them.  If you ever lost a dog or own one, you must read," It's All About Teddy-The Lost Dog."   K. Bruno

  The story was very poignant and the photographs were great.  We're looking forward to the next book!  Bill & Irene Flaherty

It was an emotional story. I loved the pictures.  D. Richardson

                     Teddy,My Dream Dog.

               Copyright 2008. Patricia Albano.

"It's All About Teddy-The Lost Dog," will touch your heart.  It will capture your emotions.

During a time of distress, the persuasion of hope is what kept her moving forward.

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